Sunday, 7 October 2007

Kalahari Waterpark Resort - Part 2

After spending a few hours in the waterpark, we decided it was time to get our room, relax and pig out on our munchies.

It was busier than expected and people were getting their rooms much later than promised. Somehow, Tina managed to finagle a room. It was a long walk to our room. The room was nice with two double beds, microwave, fridge, coffee maker and a balcony.

The remote in our room wasn't working. We called the front desk and a working one arrived shortly. TV selection kind of sucked - it was either kid or sport orientated. I guess it's fine for the kids, but for the adults not so much.

We munched on our snacks and relaxed. Tina then took the boys down, giving me a chance to rest and relax without the hustle and bustle of the boys. Corbin took a spin on the waverider - managing to sit up on the surf board. Jeremy and Tina took some spins around the Lazy River.

They returned and we got a phone call from the Karb family, telling us they had checked in. So we drank and ate more and then headed down for round 3 of the waterpark.

Corbin and I went on the Zip Coaster - a water coaster with a two person raft that zips you up and down at a very fast speed. It was cool. Jeremy and Tina did a few more laps in the Lazy River, and then spent some time in the children's play area. Jeremy fell in love with the two water slides. Corbin tried to play some water basketball. I went on the tube slides - they are pitch black and it is freaky not knowing where the curves are. I did my fare share of laps on the Lazy River.

Back at the room, we munched some more. Corbin and I went downstairs to play some mini-golf (or putt putt) and to play some video games and games of chance. We had a great time and we won over a 200 tickets. Corbin got a bunch stuff including soldiers, a parachute ninja, bottlecaps candy and a candy ring - he even got some candy for Jeremy.

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