Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween 2007

Another year, another Halloween.

Jeremy was really into Halloween this year. He was ready to go when I arrived home. The Karbs arrived a few minutes later and we all mowed down some pizza. This year I decided to join the family which meant no one was handing out candies at our house. Oh well.

The extra week of daylight savings time meant that it was a wee bit lighter than past years. We headed out any ways. We covered four blocks before returning home to examine the loot. The Karb Family headed back home and I took Corbin down Rivard to get more goodies.

The weather was perfect. Not too warm (or humid like a few years ago) and not too cold. Just right to wear a light jacket. Corbin and Jeremy were polite though in their excitement they did run right by houses that were giving out candy.

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