Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Wheels On The Bus...

Yet another first for Jeremy today: take the bus from JK to Franco Sol (his daycare).

During the JK class today, all the students received 'training' about the bus, how to sit on the bus, how to get off the bus and how to cross the street.

Jeremy's bus trip was problem free. He sits with best friend Noah. He spends about 40 minutes on the bus - despite his daycare being located across the street from his elementary school. Mind you, the entrance to Franco Sol is located on busy main street.

In the end, the 40 minute trip works for us, since Jeremy arrives at daycare at around 12 Noon. That means we don't have to pick him up until 4:00 pm, thereby only having to pay for half-a-day of daycare.

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