Sunday, 23 September 2007

Boys Weekend in Brantford

Tina need some away time from us to do some jobs around the house and to do some scrapbooking with Jen and Steph, so I made plans to spend the weekend with my Mom in Brantford.

We headed out Friday afternoon, arriving in Brantford around 8 pm. The drive wasn't too bad. The only slowdown was just before the 401-403 split in Woodstock. The boys naturally ran up to Babcia giving her big hugs. They stayed up late, but both boys eventually fell asleep.

Saturday morning we had an excellent breakfast. We headed out with Babcia to IKEA in Burlington. We browsed - Adam was looking to buy a chair for the master bedroom and take a look at some furniture. Babcia found a few things here and there. We had lunch in the store - managing to beat a rush of people. I had the swedish meatballs, Babcia had some roasted chicken, Jeremy ate his mac and cheese and Corbin had meatballs with fries.

Before leaving Burlington, we drove over to the Costco to buy Corbin a Nintendo DS Lite - a gift from his Babcia. Tina and I decided that it would be best if we bought it with Babcia around so that Corbin could connect the present with Babcia. To that end, we told Corbin to bring his old Gameboy games. He had no idea why he was bringing them.

He kept asking why he brought them. To avoid an ugly situation in IKEA, I finally told Corbin what was going to happen. He understood (therefore no problem at IKEA). Corbin and I walked in to Costco and picked out a black Nintendo DS Lite that came with two games and a basic case. Corbin was very very excited. He thanked Babcia and gave her a big hug and kiss.

Back in Brantford, we charged up the game but Corbin showed no interest at first. He wanted to play the Nintendo 64. I said, fine, but I was not going to help him play the games. Eventually, he gave up the N64 and played, non-stop, on the Nintendo DS. Babcia was amazed.

Jeremy and Babcia went out to play in the park late in the afternoon. Babcia was amazed with his level of energy. Jeremy did manage to fall asleep very quickly that night.

Sunday was a take it easy day. No rush to get back. Another excellent breakfast. On our way out, I stopped by the Chip Wagon - can't go to Brantford and NOT get the chips. The drive back to Windsor was quick and uneventful. The boys had their DVD players and I had my CDs.

Posted by Adam