Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Bye Bye Babcia

My mom was heading back to Brantford by train. The train was leaving at 5:25 pm, so I wanted to be there around 5:00 pm. I took some time off work and left to pick up Jeremy at day care. I changed clothes and relaxed for a few minutes before getting the boys ready and putting my mom's luggage in the van.

Due to construction, I had to take a different route, but it was against traffic, so I didn't expect any problems. That is until we hit the intersection of Walker Road and Riverside Drive East. Despite this being the detour route, the intersection had no active left turn signal. So during rush hour, you had to wait for the light to change to yellow or red before you could turn south onto Walker Road. Nice one. The odd thing is that the traffic light has the left turn signal, but it is inactive. Um, how about activating it during construction?

I parked the van and we helped Babcia out. They were just boarding the VIA 1 passengers and a few minutes later everyone else could board. The boys kissed and hugged Babcia. Jeremy thought we were going on the train. He was sad to learn otherwise. I thanked my mom for helping us out and we headed back home.

Posted by Adam