Sunday, 10 June 2007

Traffic, Hotel and Other Follies

This weekend we all were supposed to go to Dunnville, Ontario and celebrate Tina's Godparent's, Bill and Lynn Bassingthwaite, 40th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Jeremy was not feeling well, so Tina decided to take Corbin while I stayed in Windsor with Jeremy.

Tina and Corbin left Saturday morning and just made it in time to catch the beginning of the service - seems traffic through Hamilton was way busier than her or I thought it would be. Corbin had a great time at the reception afterwards. But that was about where the fun ended. Tina searched for a hotel or motel and could not find anything until London. She checked in the Holiday Inn Suites for the night. Corbin and Tina had their own queen size bed. I was glad to hear they found a place to spend the night.

Jeremy and I had a good day. I cleaned up around the house and played with Jeremy on and off. We watched some TV and I read him some books at bed time. He asked if we could go to the Maple Leaf for breakfast, and I said sure thing.

Posted by Adam