Saturday, 30 June 2007

Bye Jeremy, Hello IKEA

Tina and I said our goodbye's to Jeremy and headed off to IKEA in Burlington. We were looking for new furniture for our bedroom, which we planned on painting later this week. We bought two bedside tables and a dresser plus some smaller items. The van was loaded and we headed towards Windsor.

A quick stop in Brantford for the excellent french fries at Stan's Chip Wagon - these are the best fries anywhere. About an hour later we pulled into London and stopped at Super Pet, which was having a major inventory clearance. Seems that Petsmart just bought the majority of the Super Pet chain, and was clearing inventory that it does not carry before renovating the stores.

Tina and I were saddened by this purchase, since Super Pet opened not too long ago in Windsor and had a better selection of small pets and fish and their assorted accessories and foods. My understanding is that Petsmart will incorporate the good parts of Super Pet into the renovated stores. Only time will tell how this will play out.

We then headed up to the toy store before making our way back to the Parks, the 401 and Windsor. A very successful day.

Posted by Adam