Saturday, 2 June 2007

Aye, Aye Captain

Jeremy was spending the weekend with the Helkie's and Tina was scrapbooking all day today, so that left Corbin and myself to do some chores around the house and go see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End in the afternoon.

The first task of the day was cleaning up the boy's room, which was a mess. I moved Corbin's bed so that he can get under it and get each and every thing that was laying on the floor. I vacuumed and then washed the floor. The bed was moved back and the secret hiding place was cleaned out. Next, I organized the book case followed by the closet. Corbin checked under Jeremy's bed. Some more vacuuming and washing of floors and the room was clean and tidy.

I had Corbin clean up the toys in the living room and basement. I followed behind and vacuumed all the remaining rooms and tidied up the kitchen.

It was a very hot day, but the lawn had to be cut. I managed to cut the front lawn and half of the backyard before having a shower and heading out to the movie.

The theatre was not too busy so we managed to find good seats. Both Corbin and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Though it was almost 3 hours long, it did not feel like a long movie. I would recommend it to anyone with an 8-year old boy ;)

Posted by Adam