Sunday, 13 May 2007

New Digs In Goderich

After I finished my Exam A, we headed up to the Toy Shoppe of London, a toy store in the north end of London, to look over their selection and to allow Corbin to buy a new Playmobil toy. Jeremy played in the train. After getting what we needed, we headed up to Goderich for the weekend. We stopped in Exeter and had lunch at KFC.

Tina's parents, Bev & Gerry, recently bought a house in town - two blocks north of Chris and Lisa. It was nice to not have to drive through Goderich, out to the trailer park where Bev & Gerry lived. Bev and Madigan were outside when we arrived.

The house is a one-storey three-bedroom house with a decent sized kitchen, a large living/dining room, a small lounge/parlour at the front of the house, and one bathroom. There is a basement. Gerry purchased a new shed, so he has a total three sheds (the other two came from our house). There is no garage - many houses in Goderich do not have garages. The yard is spacious - enough room for the kids to run around.

Saturday evening, we all went out for dinner at a local restaurant on The Square. The service was fast and food was hot. The kids ate what they could and behaved for the most part. Corbin played with his Gameboy while Jeremy hung out with Aunt Lisa.

We headed back to Windsor around noon on Sunday.

Posted by Adam