Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Horseback Riding

Normally, Tina takes Corbin for his weekly therapeutic horseback riding lesson, however she had important training to attend, so I took Corbin this week.

After arriving at WETRA, Corbin ran in and got his helmet and proceeded to ride the wooden horse. Then he wandered around the meeting room and noticed his order had come in. It was a wall clock in the shape of a tire. It had LEDs that would come on when the light goes out. Wonderful, I thought.

Corbin and another boy began their lesson. This was Corbin's second or third lesson on a new horse, Charlie. This horse is a trotter, and Corbin's instructor, Becky, wants Corbin to become more comfortable trotting. They spent some time in the arena before heading outside to the paddock. They came back to the arena before dismounting and taking the horses to the barn to learn how to detach the saddles. Another successful session.

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