Sunday, 27 May 2007

Hello Babcia and Grandpa

My mom and Alex came down to spend some time with the boys. They also brought the rototiller so I could get the vegetable garden ready.

Jeremy was talking about Babcia coming all week long, so he was very excited when he saw her car pull into the driveway. He ran to the door and greeted her and Alex with a big hug. So after settling in, Babcia dove right into playing with the boys.

Saturday was a wash. Tina was at the mom2mom yard sale, living me with the boys, my mom and Alex. It was a little stressful. I rained on and off, so I was unable to use the rototiller and have Alex take it back to Brantford. My mom, Jeremy and I drove out to the Polish deli to buy some sausage, cold cuts, treats, deserts and other goodies. Jeremy was his usual cute self.

Tina returned from the yard sale with only a suitcase of toys. She sold everything else. Awesome job. We had the cold cuts and treats for supper. Babcia returned to playing with the boys.

After breakfast and spending some time with the boys, Babcia and Grandpa packed up, said their goodbye's and headed back to Brantford. Jeremy was under the impression that he was going to Brantford with Babcia, but we told him "Babcia Camp" is not until when Corbin goes to camp. He was sad.

Posted by Adam