Monday, 21 May 2007

Gardening, finally

This morning we headed to the Maple Leaf for breakfast - which was excellent as usual. Tina and I had no desire to go back home, so we went on a drive. We stopped at Mic Mac Park and let the boys run around and get some steam off.

Then I drove over to Pre-Dawn Nursery to buy some perennials. The place was very busy but we managed to find a good parking spot. We all got out, but quickly learned that Corbin and Jeremy were unable to listen, so Tina escorted them to the van and put on a movie on the portable DVD player.

Tina wandered around for awhile, picking some perennials and vegetables before checking in on the kids. I looked around some more and purchased a bunch of plants - mostly for the corner flowerbed at the front of our house.

Arriving home, I dove right into gardening. Last year I placed about 2 to 3 inches of mulch on the corner flower bed to help lock in the moisture and help soften the clay soil. Digging the holes for the plants, I noticed there were plenty of worms - a good sign. There were some bare patches - usually where people cut across the flowerbed - so I topped up the mulch in those area. I'm thinking I'll need to get more mulch to top off the various flowerbeds, again.

After a couple of hours, I was exhausted but satisfied with the work I had down. I need to get some ground cover for the flower bed along Rivard. I still have some more planting to do - I'll be busy every night.

Posted by Adam