Thursday, 10 May 2007

Cutting Grass

Seems that I have to cut the grass every 4 or so days, otherwise I have to either raise the deck of the mower or use the rear bag to catch all the clippings. No fertilizer has been put down, though the front lawn needs a good application of weed killer.

Speaking of the front lawn, it's not looking it's best. The part of the lawn that replaced a few years back when our street was under construction is the worst - it has the most weeds and the least amount of grass. Every passing day, I am getting closer to calling a landscaping company to rip out all the grass, put on a few inches of topsoil and roll down some new sod.

So add new lawn to likely projects this year (which so far consists of a gate between the house and garage, new windows in the basement and interim repairs/improvements to plumbing). Time to call and get some quotes and books the contractors/companies.

Posted by Adam