Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Fish, Part 4

Unfortunately, one of Jeremy's Penguin Tetra's died sometime during the previous night (the fish was found attached to the filter intake - that made it easy to retrieve it). Fortunately, Jeremy was at day care, so we did not have to deal with him.

I put the fish in a plastic bag and took it to the pet store after work. No problem getting a replacement fish. I also purchased a Peppered Corydoras (aka a 'cory cat') to scrounge around the bottom.

Amazingly, both boys did not notice the two bags floating in the tank, and I was able to release both fish with no problems. The cory appears to be the first fish to enter the 'log' (aka fake looking hollow log with fake plants sticking out of it).

Tina mentioned to me that the other night, Corbin was sitting and watching to see if any fish were entering the log (he was supposed to be sleeping). So I mentioned to Corbin that I saw the cory scavenging inside the log. He was happy to hear that.

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