Saturday, 14 April 2007

Fish, Part 3

It was Jeremy's turn to get some fish. We headed to Petsmart first to get some Black Skirt Tetras - I already have three and wanted to get three more. We also picked some things for the Guinea Pig. Jeremy was his usual cute self, talking it up with the staff.

Our next stop was Super Pet to get some Penguin Tetra's. Naturally, Jeremy had to look around and put his finger in as much water as possible. We finally got some Penguin Tetra and Jeremy wanted to hold the bag. I let him hold it for a few seconds and that seemed to satisfy his needs.

At home, I put both bags in the tank and Jeremy wanted to 'catch' the fish. I told him that we will put the fish in the tank in 'three minutes' (a phrase we use with Jeremy which more often than not is more than three minutes). Half an hour later, I called Jeremy up and we released the fish (again, he had to stick his hands in the tank). He watched the fished and asked where are his fish. He was very happy with his fish.

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