Friday, 13 April 2007

Fish, Part 2

With the new fish tank up and running, it was time to populate the tank with new fish. Corbin had a PA Day today, so we headed out to Super Pet and looked at the overwhelming display of fish. I gave Corbin the 'parameter' of his search - anything along this wall. He settled on the Pearl Danio species. He asked a store associate for help and we got five Pearl Danios. We also picked up a decoration - a fake log with fake plants growing out of it to be a shelter for the fish.

Back home, Corbin helped me put the bag in the tank - he wanted to put them in right away. I said the water temperature has to be the same. 30 minutes later I cut the bag open and Corbin emptied the bag and the new fish began darting around.

Posted by Adam

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