Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter...or is it Christmas?

We headed to Brantford to spend a weekend with Babcia and Grandpa. It's all Jeremy could talk about all week. He either told everyone that he was going to Babcia's house or asked them when it was time to go. We left late Friday morning, arriving just after two in the afternoon.

The trip up was interesting. At the beginning of the week it was warm, short-sleeve warm. Two days later, it was freezing cold with a chance of snow. What the? On our way up to Brantford, we encountered a few squalls and noticed snow on the ground shortly before London. Looks like the Easter Egg hunt will be indoors.

Woke up Saturday morning to snow. Yup, snow. We didn't have ANY snow just before, during or after Christmas! Adam drove Tina, Babcia and the boys to Church for the blessing of the basket. The boys were all dressed up and behaved during the short ceremony. Later, the boys and Babcia played outside while Tina and Adam went out to shop and enjoy their time-limited freedom. Most of the snow had melted by the afternoon.

Sunday started the same way as Saturday with even more snow of the ground. Jeremy woke up early and was heading towards the living room - fortunately Tina was able to head him off. Corbin woke up and the boys went Easter Egg hunting. They spent the next 10 or so minutes pigging out on candies. In the afternoon, Babcia and Jeremy made a small snowman (something that didn't happen at all this winter because there was either no snow or it was way too cold to be outside). Everyone enjoyed the wonderful dinner that Babcia cooked.

Monday started with Jeremy having a nose bleed in bed. Ooops. While Adam bathed Jeremy, Babcia cleaned up the mattress and soaked the sheets. Tina began packing stuff for the trip back to Windsor. After a quick breakfast, we headed out. The weather was sunny - perfect for a trip home. We stopped in London at Super Pet and Costco to do some shopping and then travelled down the 401 to Windsor.