Sunday, 22 April 2007

Boys Weekend - Day 3

Corbin slept in but I had to wake him up so he could get ready for his afternoon out with Becky, one of Corbin's many workers. We had a quick breakfast and Corbin had a shower. When Becky arrived, Corbin had no idea what to do. Tina left an envelope with a suggestion - Earth Day at Malden Park - and some money. So that's where they went.

I wasn't alone for too long, as Laurilie brought Jeremy back - who was quite excited to be home. He had an excellent weekend and had lots of fun including throwing rocks into the big pond and watching some mallard ducks fly away.

I changed Jeremy into some shorts and we went outside to play. Unfortunately, there was a bumble bee flying back and forth and Jeremy wanted it to go away. So we went out to Canadian Tire to get a few things and stopped at A&W to get some food.

Back home we did some things outside - Jeremy played with one of the bubble guns and I tried to get the bikes ready for the season.

Becky and Corbin returned from Earth Day. Corbin had three trees, a mini-blue box, some tattoos and some pieces of trees. Both of them had a wonderful time. So the three of us played outside and then went in to relax.

Tina arrived back safe and sound and thoroughly enjoyed her weekend in Toronto.

Posted by Adam