Saturday, 21 April 2007

Boys Weekend - Day 2

Corbin and I headed to the Maple Leaf Restaurant to have some breakfast (eggs over easy, home fries, bacon and toast). Next we headed up to the transfer station to dump some garbage and recycling, but traffic was backed up so I headed over to Home Depot to pick up some lattice and some other goodies.

Back home, I worked on the lawnmower while Corbin watched one of two movies Tina borrowed from the library. I was surprised that the mower worked after a few pulls. I cut the grass in backyard and trimmed the edges with the edger. The lawn really needs to be regraded and the sod replaced. I'll be adding that to my to-do list.

Sarah came by and took Corbin to Chuck E. Cheese. This gave me some time to replace the broken lattice on the fence. That task was straightforward and was done in about 30 minutes. However, I noticed that one of the posts was loose in the ground - so I'll have to figure out a way to brace it for the time being. Sarah and Corbin returned and they walked over to the school to play some baseball. That gave me time to clean up the garage.

Corbin played some more video games but I told him that Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was on TV, so he watched that, while I watched the NASCAR Nextel race in Phoenix. My driver, #24 aka Jeff Gordon, won. It was his first win at Phoenix and he tied Dale Earnhardt for overall wins at 76. The last 10 laps were amazing. The Car of Tomorrow is making for very exciting racing.

Posted by Adam