Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Atlanta - Day 5 - Marathon

Today was strictly a travel day - travelling all the way to Windsor from Atlanta in one day. Adam figured it would be about a 12 hour or so trip back home - including rest stops and food breaks.

Tina and Adam woke up around 6:15 am and had a quick shower. Adam started to pack the van and get everything set up (such as the DVD players). By 7:15 we were on the road. We were amazed at the amount of inbound traffic on I75. It was bumper to bumper for many miles. About an hour or so later, we stopped at the IHOP in Calhoun, Georgia for a hot breakfast.

North of Corbin, Kentucky, Tina took over the driving, giving Adam a break and some time to rest up for the final leg home. Soon after, we stopped for a quick lunch at McDonald's - the kids weren't too hungry. Corbin was too involved in a game on his GameBoy and Jeremy was too busy watching a movie. Back on the road.

We managed to miss rush hour traffic in Cincinnati, but we had to pull over between Dayton and Cinci to get some gas - and some Tim Horton's coffee. Tina was dying to ask for a double-double in the US - and lo and behold they said they knew what a double-double was. But there was one catch - the cup sizes in the US are different from Canada. A US large is a Canadian X-Large. Good thing the server caught that before giving both Tina and Adam a huge coffee to go.

Adam took over the final leg. The weather was cooperative up until Toledo, where it started to drizzle. By the time we got into Michigan, the sky was dark and the rain a little more heavy. At the duty-free gas station at the Ambassador Bridge, it was cold and damp - people were wearing coats. Canada customs was a breeze. It was around 8:00 pm, so we stopped by Little Ceasars for some quick pizzas and headed home.

For an almost 13 hour marathon of driving, the day went well. The boys did not give us too much trouble. In fact, Corbin was quiet all the way home. Jeremy fussed and mussed a few times, but he did a good job of holding it together. It's the longest drive we have done as a family - the next longest was from Albany, New York.

All in all, it was the best family vacation. The weather was awesome, the attractions were amazing and the kids were outstanding. We will definitely be heading back to Atlanta in the near future.

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