Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Atlanta - Day 4 - The Great Indoors

The last full day in Atlanta. What better way to spend it then shopping.

We were in no hurry this morning but eventually headed out around 10 am or so. Adam did some research the night before and found two shopping malls - Discover Mills and the Mall of Georgia, both on the NE leg of I85. There was a mall near the hotel, however, it was being renovated and was much smaller than the two malls mentioned earlier.

Discover Mills is your typical large indoor-style outlet mall. It is similar to Great Lakes Crossing in Pontiac, Michigan, in that it is divided into neighbourhoods, has a central food court, has a large cinema complex and has as Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World. Discover Mills also has a Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. We strolled around and stopped at a few stores. Tina didn't see any deals at The Children's Place. We did get some things at the Lego Outlet Store including some Star Wars Lego magnets for Joe & Jen and a knights costume for Jeremy.

The four of us were getting hungry, so we grabbed lunch in the food court. Tina and Adam went to the Great Steak and Potato Company to get a Great cheesesteak sandwich with fries and coke. The boys had some food from Burger King. We browsed around some more before driving over to the Mall of Georgia.

The Mall of Georgia is a recent development - and there are plenty of stores, restaurants and hotels around the mall. It has the usual assortment of stores plus a large movie theater with IMAX. There is an outdoor component - where we grabbed some delicious ice cream to cool off from the very warm weather. We browsed some more before heading back to the hotel.

Before returning to the hotel, we stopped at Costco to get gas and to check out this new Costco - our first visit to a foreign Costco. Compared to the Costco in Windsor - which is busy all the time, this store had very few people in it at 4 pm on a Tuesday. We bought one thing: a bag of pita chips.

Back at the hotel, we switched into pool mode and enjoyed a leisurely swim in the pool. Jeremy is becoming quite the fish and Corbin played with a couple of older boys. Later that evening, Tina went over to the nearby Target to do some shopping for herself and the boys - she took Corbin with her, leaving Jeremy with Adam. We packed later that night to get a quick start in the morning for our trip back to Windsor

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