Friday, 9 March 2007

Atlanta - Day Zero - Heading Out

Today was all about getting to Georgetown, Kentucky. This trip was different in that both Jeremy and Corbin, had their own portable DVD player (Adam bought one at Costco, and we borrowed another from our friends, Joe and Jen). This should prevent the fiasco on our previous trip from Cincinnati, where Jeremy talked for five hours straight.

dam packed the van and we headed out around 2:30 pm. First stop was picking up Jeremy at the sitter's. Next was dropping off Guinea at Sarah's house. Then it was getting some US greenbacks at the bank. It took us about 40 minutes to get through US Customs.

In Toledo, we stopped at Denny's for dinner and gas. The drive to Cincinnati was uneventful. An accident on the bridge over the Ohio River slowed things down, but it was clear sailing after that.

We arrived at the Comfort Suites in Georgetown, Kentucky just after 10:00 pm. Tina could not believe how warm it was - people were walking outside with no jackets. We settled into our King suite - the boys shared a pull out couch - and had an excellent nights sleep.

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