Sunday, 11 February 2007

Back To Reality

It was pick up day. Adam headed back to Detroit (his third border crossing in a week) to pickup the in-laws at the airport. No issues at the border and traffic was very light. Once at the airport, he was able to find someone leaving their parking space and was able to catch a shuttle van as it turned the corner. A quick tour of the airport via the shuttle and he arrived at the arrivals lounge, where Chris was waiting with Madigan for their bags, which were just arriving on the luggage carousel.

Walked outside and caught a parking garage shuttle just as it arrived - the same one Adam had taken to get to the terminal. Another quick tour of the airport and we were loading up the van. No problems heading back to Canada. Cleared customs and brought the in-laws to our house. We mentioned that Goderich was nailed with snow all week. Good timing on their part, heading to Florida during a cold and snowy spell.