Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Februay Recap

February was cold - and it shows in the Union Gas bill (where we had the highest monthly consumption of natural gas but our monthly Equal Budget payment was reduced - some sort of cruel joke by Union Gas). Didn't do much outside due to the cold. We did some shopping here and there.

Tina and Adam went out on a dinner and shopping date one Friday night. Had a nice dinner at the Outback Steakhouse and then spent some time browsing at Chapters. Took the long way home.

Tina cleaned up the Everything Room and made it into a small playroom for Corbin (and Jeremy under certain conditions). We got fed up with the plethora of toys that made there way into the living room, so Tina moved the one toy shelf down to the everything room. She also went through the toys, freeing up several bins. Next: the crawl space needs to be tidied and reorganized.

The boys continued with their various sporting lessons. Jeremy is definitely a fish - he loves to swim. Corbin is excelling at horseback riding. Both boys are having fun at gymnastics - though Jeremy needs to try harder to listen and stop being the clown of the class.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Back To Reality

It was pick up day. Adam headed back to Detroit (his third border crossing in a week) to pickup the in-laws at the airport. No issues at the border and traffic was very light. Once at the airport, he was able to find someone leaving their parking space and was able to catch a shuttle van as it turned the corner. A quick tour of the airport via the shuttle and he arrived at the arrivals lounge, where Chris was waiting with Madigan for their bags, which were just arriving on the luggage carousel.

Walked outside and caught a parking garage shuttle just as it arrived - the same one Adam had taken to get to the terminal. Another quick tour of the airport and we were loading up the van. No problems heading back to Canada. Cleared customs and brought the in-laws to our house. We mentioned that Goderich was nailed with snow all week. Good timing on their part, heading to Florida during a cold and snowy spell.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Goodbye Cold, Hello Warmth

Today, Adam drove Chris, Lisa, Teegan and Madigan to Detroit Airport for their flight down to Orlando, Florida. It was sunny but bitterly cold. No problems at the border and traffic to and at the airport was light. By them time the Chris and Lisa got out of the van, their bags had been checked and their boarding passes printed - excellent service. Adam arrived back home by 8:30 am. Heck, he could have gone to work - but seeing as he took the morning off, he decided to do a few errands.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Harlem Globetrotters

Today, Adam and Corbin headed down to Toledo, OH, to watch the Harlem Globetrotters. Corbin has been talking about this day for weeks.

Adam picked up Corbin just after lunch, packed the van and headed out. It was bitterly cold but sunny. No problems at the border and the traffic to Toledo was typical. They arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Perrysburg, OH, checked in and grabbed a bite to eat the adjacent Big Boy Restaurant. Then they hung out in the hotel room, with Corbin checking the clock on a regular basis.

The time came and they headed up to the University of Toledo campus, about a 15 minute drive from the hotel. Parking was $5 and plenty was available. Corbin and Adam walked over to the arena. You could tell that Corbin was excited because he was quiet. Once inside, they headed towards their front row seats. In fact, Corbin was located right on the centre line. The boys headed up to get some souvenirs including a regulation Harlem Globetrotters basketball, a reversible jersey and a program. Corbin bought some popcorn and pop.

Corbin thoroughly enjoyed the game and even got a few autographs after the game. He was in a very happy place. Corbin's best memory of the game: two players pulling down their shorts. Adam laughed and was proud of Corbin. It was just another 'regular' father-son event.

The next day did not get off to a good start. Adam threw his back while putting his back. It wasn't debilitating, but the pain was unbearable at times. Still, he managed to get down for breakfast and enjoy those cinnamon rolls. After breakfast, Corbin went for a swim in the pool. After packing up and checking out, they headed for some shopping. They stopped at Target and Corbin bought Jeremy and himself a Star Wars figure.

On the way back home, Adam and Corbin stopped in at Denny's for lunch. Corbin managed to talk his dad into getting him a rocket drinking cup, but in return he had to eat his whole lunch. No issues at Canada Customs. They arrived home safely, just before the crazy snow squall the enveloped Essex County in a matter of minutes.