Saturday, 20 January 2007

Shopping Day

Though it was a sunny day, it was cold. Rather than hang around the house we headed to Devonshire Mall to do some browsing and shopping.

The mall was not too busy, which suited us fine. Tina stopped in a few stores hoping to find some new clothes. No luck. She also stopped at a few kids stores, but found no deals. She was kind of bummed that the store where she buys Corbins pants is closing down. We grabbed a bite to eat in the food court and proceed to do some more browsing.

We headed up to the New Balance store so that Tina could buy some running shoes that are to be used at the gym. Next was Best Buy. Adam purchased a couple of movies.

Not wanting to head home just yet, Adam drove out into the county for a short drive. At an intersection we would ask Corbin which way to turn. At first he was hesitant, fearful that he may get us lost (there is no way to get lost in Essex County - we are surrounded by water on three sides). About an hour or so later, we made it back home.