Saturday, 2 December 2006

Christmas Is Here

Adam installed the outdoor Christmas lighting about a week ago, during the warm spell. That was a good thing given the cold weather that came quickly Thursday night. It was a PA Day on Friday, so Adam stayed home with Corbin and put up the Christmas Tree. Corbin was very anxious to decorate the tree, but Tina was involved with a Creative Memories open house at Jenn's house, so he would have to wait till Saturday. Besides assembling the tree, Adam and Corbin spent some time shopping and playing video games.

Saturday morning arrived and the entire family headed out to the Maple Leaf Restaurant for breakfast - Jeremy was asking to go to the Maple Leaf for 'panpapes' aka pancakes. After another good breakfast, we headed out to do some errands, such as exchanging some winter boots for Jeremy at the Columbia Outlet Store.

We arrived home and began decorating the tree. Both Jeremy and Corbin helped, with Jeremy's help consisting mostly of pointing to where decorations should go and Corbin putting decorations beside each other. In no time, the tree was decorated. Tina decorated the rest of the house, while Adam and Corbin played some NHL07 on the PlayStation2.