Friday, November 24, 2006

Last Year As A Thirtysomething

This is Adam's last year as a thirtysomething. Yup, today, Adam is one shy of the big four oh.

The day began like any other birthday in the Szymczak household: the traditional birthday dance to the Captain Zoom personalized birthday song. This was followed by a card and gifts from Corbin. Tina let Corbin wrap Adam's presents, and according to Adam "he did a good job". There was just enough tape to bring the scissors out. Corbin gave Adam NHL07 for the Playstation2 and a Caramilk chocolate bar. Then everyone got ready and left, except for Adam.

Yes, you read that. Tina took Jeremy to the Aunty Jen's house and went to work. Adam walked Corbin to school and headed back to an empty home. Now that is an awesome birthday present. Instead of just vegging around the house, Adam took advantage of the warm weather and cut the grass one last time (while mulching the remaining leaves). The rest of the day was spent playing his new game from Corbin and a bunch of video games he rented the night before.

The family started to reassemble in the late afternoon. At suppertime, the birthday cake was brought out, food was served and the present from Jeremy and Tina was opened (the first season of 24). All in all, it was a very good day.