Tuesday, 31 October 2006


Jeremy was excited about Halloween this year. He kept telling people that he was going to be a ghost and he would imitate the sound a ghost makes. That costume didn't quite work - well, it never materialized. Halloween began with a trek out to the Windsor Essex Therapeutic Riding Association and their first annual Halloween Spooktacular.

There was much to do, much to see and much to eat. Plenty of treats and hot dogs to munch on. All the horses had 'costumes' and took on new persona's for the night. There were several games of chance including tic tac toe, fishing, bobbing for apples and so on. Guests could walk out to the stables and see all the horses. There was even a haunted house. Despite the intense downpour, the event was well attended. Our friends, the Karbs, also attended with their boys. Corbin and Jeremy went as pirates. Everyone had a spooktacular of a time.

Halloween went off without a hitch. The rain never materialized and the cool weather was welcomed. Tina took the boys out - Jeremy as Jack Sparrow the pirate and Corbin as the Faceless Ninja (yes there was a costume change over the weekend) - along with the Karb boys. Adam stayed behind and handed out treats. When everyone came back, Adam took out Corbin down Rivard to ensure we had a good supply of junk food for the coming weeks. Jeremy thoroughly enjoyed trick or treating and everyone found his pirate costume cute.