Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Cold and Wet

The weather over the past two weeks has been crappy, and that is being nice. It's been unseasonably cold and wet. While the cold is not too much of a problem, the wet means that Adam can't do yard work and that Jeremy and Corbin cannot play outside. They, as in the weather forecasters, are calling for a mild winter. Naturally, Windsor's version of mild is much different from the rest of Ontario's version of mild.

On the home front, Jeremy has one more gymnastics class. He has thoroughly enjoyed this session. At yesterday's class, Corbin helped out behind the counter. Yup, Corbin is working ;) Supposedly he want to earn enough tickets to get a remote control car - despite the fact that he has one. Oh well. Tina signed Corbin up for another session of gymnastics. Jeremy will be taking a break until the new year when he will begin swimming lessons - he loves to swim.

Tina took Jeremy to the Sears Photo Studio and, as usual, got some excellent pictures of him. The boy is photogenic and knows how to ham it up. Corbin's school pictures should be in shortly. For Halloween, Corbin is going to be a Ninja and Jeremy is going to be a ghost (or a pirate if Tina does not get around to putting together a ghost costume).