Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Labour Day Weekend

Is 'summer' really almost over? Wow? Tina and the boys drove up to Goderich this weekend and Adam stayed behind to get some things done inside and outside the house, with emptying the pool as the number one project. Adam started emptying the pool Friday afternoon. After 4 or so hours, the pool was about half empty - argh, that is way to long. So he found some pipes and the pool drained much faster. He was unable to dry and store the pool due to crappy weather - aka rain.

Corbin finally got a chance to go fishing. Tina's dad took him down to the river to try out his fishing pole. Jeremy liked throwing rocks around but Tina had to take him away from where Corbin was fishing. Alas, Corbin did not catch anything, but he had fun trying. Tina, Jeremy and Corbin returned on Sunday. The rest of the weekend was spent getting school stuff ready for Corbin. Tina and Adam managed to get the pool into the Rubbermaid container. 'Summer' is over.