Monday, 7 August 2006

Back To Cincinnati - Day 4 - Jabbering Jeremy

Last day of our mini-vacation. We grabbed breakfast, packed up and checked out. Before heading back to Windsor, we stopped at Borders Books, browsed around and bought a $100 worth of books. Prices in Canada have not been keeping pace with the drop in the exchange rate, so we decided to buy some books in the US, which ended up being around 40% cheaper than buying in Canada.

The trip home was uneventful. The weather was warm and sunny. Jeremy started talking about a soccer game and asked if we would come to his soccer game. None of us were sure what he was talking about, so we played along. Stopped for a quick lunch and gas along the way - can't quite remember where, but it was a McDonald's. Arrived at the Ambassador Bridge and filled up on cheap gas. Crossed the bridge. Had no problems at Customs. Though it was a much needed break, we were happy to be home.

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