Saturday, 8 July 2006

Totally Awesome

Camp Winston was "totally awesome" according to Corbin. Deciding to hug his 'baby brother' first, Corbin was excited to see is family after an amazing two weeks at Camp Winston. Tina and Adam also got big hugs and then also got a big surprise: Corbin learned how to tie his shoelaces. We spent the next 30 or so minutes speaking with Corbin's Camp counselors, playing with Corbin and Jeremy, getting Corbin's meds and phone card and packing his stuff into the van.

Then Corbin enjoyed one last meal in the dining hall, a special luncheon for campers, counselors and families. There was a lot of food including salads, deli meats and breads, cream pies and lots of other food. Corbin kept himself busy, filling up mugs with coffee and offering it to anyone who would take it. We learned that Corbin's cabin were early risers and began cooking in the kitchen. You heard that right. Corbin made pancakes. He earned a certificate in Culinary Arts. We did not know what to make of this 'new' Corbin. During the luncheon, Denise, the Camp Director, announced that all campers will be invited back for 2007.

After lunch, we took some pictures of Corbin with staff and rummaged through the lost and found area. Nothing looked like Corbin's, so it was time to head out. Corbin said his good byes and away we went, towards Mississauga on our vacation.

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