Friday, 7 July 2006

Time To Gather The Kids

Time does fly. It seemed just like yesterday that we dropped Corbin at camp and Jeremy at Babcia's. Later today, we'll be heading to Brantford to pick up Jeremy and tommorow it's off to Camp Winston to get Corbin. Lots of travelling in two days.

With no kids competing for our attention, we managed to get quite a bit of work done around the house. We already wrote about the carpet cleaning. Adam removed an IKEA shelf from the boys room, patched the holes, painted the patches and other problem areas, and installed two six-foot shelves to store some of the boys books, gear and toys (instead of being stored in other rooms). Tina moved the bookcase from the dining room to the boys room. Their room is starting to come together.

The entertainment storage unit is three-quarters assembled. It is huge. It will provide lots of storage space for Tina's scrapbooking stuff, a bunch of books we have on a bookcase we want to ditch and other items. The last unit will be built after we get back from vacation. Tina spent time going through the toys and throwing out a bunch of dollar store, fast-food restaurant and broken toys. All that is left is too organize the toys.