Monday, 24 July 2006

Jeremy's Gotcha Day

Today was Jeremy's 'Gotcha Day'. It's the day we - Tina, Adam and Corbin - first met Jeremy. We took the boys out to Chuck E. Cheese's. Corbin asked his 'babysitter', Sarah, if she would like to come along. Much to our surprise, she said yes. By the way, Sarah is not really Corbin's babysitter, she is Corbin's respite worker, but hey, if she's okay with it, then we are okay with it. So we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese's - Jeremy was quite excited.

We got there just before 6:00 pm and the place was not busy at all. Had to wait a few minutes at the front counter to buy our pizza, pop and tokens. We found a clean table and the kids went off to play, Adam with Jeremy and Sarah with Corbin. Tina and Jeremy played some Skee-ball, which was an interesting experience for both of them. Jeremy like to throw the balls. Oh well. Our food eventually was served.

Now, Chuck E. Cheese pizza is not the best pizza in the world, but the previous times we have been here, it appeared to be fresh and hot. It was clear that the pizza we received was reheated. Oh well, the kids like the pizza. We played some more games before giving Jeremy a present - a Backyardigans DVD. He was very excited and wanted to open the DVD case right away. Adam and Jeremy played a game of air hockey. With Jeremy crying, we all got in the van and headed home. Happy Gotcha Day Jeremy.