Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Golden Horseshoe Vacation - Day 4

No rain forecast today, the last day of our vacation, so we decided to head to Marineland. Yup, that meant a long trip back to Windsor, but we figured we could visit African Lion Safari later in the summer when we make a trip to Brantford. We packed up, checked out, had a quick breakfast and headed down to Niagara Falls. It was sunny and warm, a good day to spend outdoors.

We arrived to a very busy Marineland. We did not have to wait to exchange our Air Miles certificates for tickets. Instead we were directed to go directly to the entrance - that was a nice bonus. People were lining up for the main show, so we decided to head to the opposite end of the park and go on some of the rides and see some of the animals. Corbin went solo on the Sky Screamer, the ride that shoots you 450 feet straight up in the air. He seemed to have enjoyed it. Adam took Corbin on his first 'real' roller coaster ride on the Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster. This is the world's longest steel roller coaster. The neat thing about the ride is that you go inside a 'mountain' to board the coaster. Adam loves the coaster. Corbin said it was very bumpy. Tina and Jeremy spent some time viewing the black bears.

A few more rides and a visit to the deer pen, it was time to check out the beluga and killer whales. Jeremy was quite excited by the beluga whales. In one tank, there were three baby belugas swimming with their mothers. The killer whale exhibit was disappointing. Two killer whales were swimming around but it was difficult to view them.

Eventually, we made our way back to the stadium to watch the main show. The show was considerably changed when the star of the show, a killer whale, died due to pneumonia. It is more on the light side now. There is little to no splashing in the show, so it is safe to sit closer to the tank. The boys enjoyed the show, though, Jeremy started to fade through the last half of the show.

We made our way back to the van, replenished our fluids and headed back on the long trip to Windsor. Jeremy eventually fell asleep and Corbin played with his GameBoy and CD Player. A good way to kick off the summer.

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