Monday, 10 July 2006

Golden Horseshoe Vacation - Day 3

The weather forecast for southern Ontario was not promising: period of rain or thunderstorms. Hmmm, guess we won't be going to Marineland today. What to do, what to do? Shopping, that's what. After grabbing a breakfast at Tim Hortons, we drove over to Square One Shopping Centre. Tina used to live blocks away from Square One. In those days, there were no tall buildings around Square One. In fact, there were hardly any buildings around Square One at that time. The area around Square One has become the Mississauga City Centre and includes the City Hall, Central Library, YMCA and Arts Centre - not bad for what once was a suburban shopping mall.

Adam managed to find a spot in the parking garage, keeping the family away from any downpour. We perused the various stores, looking for goodies for the boys and deals for us. We strolled through both floors of Wal-Mart, using the movator (think of a conveyor belt) which enables shoppers and shopping carts to go between the two floors. This Wal-Mart is one of the largest in the world.

It was time to eat, so we found a table in the food court and purchased food from A & W and Dairy Queen. Jeremy scarfed down his hot dog and Corbin ate most of his lunch (his appetite has been very good lately). Adam loved his Papa Burger and Tina enjoyed her onion rings. Some more browsing. The boys got some goodies and we worked our back to the parking garage and drove away to the hotel. It rained on and off all day, so it seems that shopping was a good choice in the end.

We changed into our bathing suits and spent family time in the hotel pool. Later, Adam went out to get some pop and chips from the Superstore and subs from Quizno's. The boys watched TV. Rain days can be wonderful breaks on vacations.

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