Sunday, 9 July 2006

Golden Horseshoe Vacation - Day 2

The weather was overcast but warm, so we stuck with our original plan to visit the CN Tower. We drove down to the Clarkson GO Station for a short trip on the GO Train to Union Station. As we pulled into the parking lot (which is free), Adam noticed that the lot was getting full. He then realized that the Molson Indy was being run today and that there were at least two other large cultural festivals taking place in Toronto. Oh well, it didn't look too busy. Adam got a group pass for $20.40 (for all four of us, round trip) while Tina took the boys to the platform.

We didn't have to wait too long for the train. Jeremy was excited. We found some seats and enjoyed the half-hour trip to downtown Toronto. Jeremy was excited about being on train and could hardly sit still in his seat. Corbin took everything in. Arriving at Union Station we took the exit through the Air Canada Centre (ACC) to Bremner Blvd - there is no climbing up or down stairs/escalators since everything is at ground level.

At the CN Tower, we learned that by getting our tickets via Air Miles we did not have to wait in the ticket line. You head inside, go to the guest services desk, give them the Air Miles certificates and tickets will be issued. We proceeded up the ramp to the security check-in - the part where you walk into a device and air blows out and is analyzed to ensure you are not going to destroy the CN Tower. Jeremy walked in but was too small to activate the unit, so the security guard waved her hand over the sensors. Jeremy did not seem to disturbed by the machine and looked cute when the air blasted over him. Afterwards, he proceeded to mimic the sounds made by the machine.

The wait for the elevator was not that long and in just over a minute were at the observation level. Adam brought binoculars for Corbin to use and see sights he could not see on our last trip to the CN Tower. Jeremy was excited by all the things he could see: boats, trains and planes. We could see the Molson Indy race, which was kind of neat. Eventually, we made it to glass floor and outdoor observation level. It was nice to get outside since it was stuffy inside. A quick tour around and it was time for the kids to enjoy the glass floor. Jeremy jumped and jumped but eventually realized that he could see the bottom and may fall so he walked on the beams back to the regular floor. Corbin was a little more 'cautious' this time.

We headed back down and checked out the gift shop, but bought nothing. Much to Corbin's approval, we played some video games in the arcade. Adam managed to find a racing game that was in free play mode - that's right no money necessary. Adam and Corbin went to experience the Lego Racers simulation ride. Adam found it cheesy, but Corbin enjoyed it. The four of us headed out to get some ice cream and head back to Union Station to catch a train back to the Clarkson GO Station. We just missed the train, so we had just under a hour to kill. Hunger was a common theme, so we got some food and beverages at McDonald's. We boarded our train and returned to the hotel after a pleasant day in downtown Toronto.

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