Sunday, 2 July 2006

And Then There Were None

We drove to Brantford yesterday to drop Jeremy off at Adam's mom's house. She offered to take Jeremy for the week to give us a break from the kids and to give her a chance to play with her youngest grandson. Jeremy was very excited about going to Babcia's - he told everyone and anyone.

Today, we said our goodbyes to Jeremy - who was a little sad but apparently okay with us leaving - and headed back to Windsor. The drive back was unusual. The back of the van was quiet. A very eerie silence. We stopped in at a pet store in London (most of the pet stores in Windsor suck) and eventually made it to Windsor. We stopped in at Home Depot to rent a carpet cleaner. With no kids, it was easy to move furniture and stuff around and we didn't have to worry about kids walking where they shouldn't.