Saturday, 24 June 2006

Heading To Moonstone

Packed the van and the boys and began the long trek north to Moonstone before dropping Corbin off at Camp Winston tomorrow. The drive up was uneventful - thankfully. Naturally, the amount of traffic grew exponentially the closer we got to Toronto. Between Toronto and Barrie, the 400 was packed but moving well (save the 'usual' slowdown areas).

We arrived at Jackie's house around two in the afternoon. Jackie - Tina's friend - greeted us. Her boy, Ben, had just fallen asleep, so we spent some time outside. Corbin wanted to spend time in the house - new toys to try and new places to explore. Eventually, Ben woke up and we went inside the house. Corbin and Jeremy started to play, while the grown ups chatted.

Later, Jackie prepared an awesome supper (or is it dinner) consisting of pasta, chicken parmigiana and salad. Adam had two plates. After dinner, we went out to the backyard and made a fire in the fire pit. Corbin and Adam spent some time looking for wood to throw on the fire while Jeremy and Ben played with toys. Jackie was impressed with Adam's fire making abilities.

Jackie's husband, Chris, arrived home after a hard day's work. The boys were put to bed - and amazingly, fell asleep quickly. The adults watched TV and talked. A long day, but a good day.