Sunday, 11 June 2006

Going To The Zoo Zoo Zoo

It was a beautiful day to go to the Toledo Zoo. Adam, Jeremy and Corbin head out shortly after 11:30 am on the hour long drive to Toledo. Yup, you read that right, Adam took the boys out for the day. Adam offered to take the boys to zoo and let Tina get some things done around the house. She was stunned by the offer, but after some prodding, accepted. So here we are, the boys out on a road trip.

US Customs was busy but vehicles were moving. The trip to Toledo was uneventful. Adam got out the stroller and proceeded to the entrance. Along the way he realized that Corbin could push the stroller - after all what are kids for? We entered the zoo and proceeded across the bridge to see all the animals. Jeremy liked the hippos, rhinos and tigers. In the Children's Zoo, Jeremy and Corbin got a chance to brush some goats and see a donkey up close.

Next it was lunch, which went well and the boys at enough food to keep Dad happy. Next stop was the Aquarium. Corbin immediately went to the display that has boots and a fishing rod (it's supposed to show pollution in the Great Lakes). Jeremy was in awe of the fish. He liked the sharks. A short walk to the Primate exhibit where Jeremy finally got a chance to see chimps, monkeys and gorillas.

We headed back over the bridge and checked out the arctic exhibits including the polar bears - which Jeremy was in awe of and where Corbin got his chance to enter the 'cave' - and the seals. Naturally, we took a ride on the Safari train and saw two animals that Jeremy confuses all the time - giraffes and zebras. Of course, the giraffes and zebras had to be in the same area, so the confusion continues to this day. Corbin got a good view of the crocodiles.

After 3 or so hours, it was time to head back to Windsor. Jeremy fell asleep just outside of Toledo, while Corbin just stared out the window. A quick stop at duty-free shop for some cheap gas and it was back into Canada. No problems at Customs and we arrived some time after 5 pm. We came back in one piece with no major events or issues. Hurray for Dad.