Sunday, 25 June 2006

Are You Ready For The Summer...

Jackie spoiled us again, with a breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, bacon and other goodies. Man, this women knows how to treat her guests. Thanks Jackie. After breakfast, it was time for Corbin to have a bath - he needed to be clean before heading off to Camp Winston today. Yup, today was camp day. We spent some time with Jackie and Ben before heading out to Orillia for lunch and picking up some last minute items for Corbin (like a kids rain poncho - none were to be found in Windsor).

We arrived at the camp just before 2:00 pm, and true to their word, the gates did not open until 2:00 pm. Adam pulled the van onto the grass and a camp counselor was their to greet us. Corbin recognized Denise and her dogs and gave her a big hug. We walked over to the cabin where Corbin will sleep for two weeks. It is one of five cabins contained within a single building. Each 'cabin' has two bunk beds - that's four boys per room - and two rooms for Camp counselors. After showing us the room, Lindsay, one of three camp counselors for Cabin 5, took Corbin and another boy on a mission of sorts. They didn't come back.

The Cabin
Another counselor took us and another family on a tour of the camp facilities. We were shown the beach, the dock and boat - naturally, Jeremy wanted to go into the water and onto the boat. Next, was the building with the animals, the crafts building, the play building, the rock climbing wall, the ropes course and the barn. The barn was huge - enough to fit all 20 campers and their counselors on those rainy days.

Tina took Corbin's meds to the nurse's building and it was time to say goodbye. Of course, we had to 'pry' Corbin away from his hockey game so we could give him big hugs and kisses. No one cried because, for the first time in family history, Camp Winston got Corbin - they fully understand him and his needs. Corbin went back to playing hockey and the three of us headed back to the van for the long trip home.

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