Monday, 22 May 2006

Victoria Day Weekend

It was a holiday weekend in Canada. This long weekend celebrates the beginning of summer. Problem was that the weather was nothing like summer or spring for that matter. It was cold. We traveled to Brantford - the first time the four of us have traveled to Brantford as a single entity - to spend some time with Babcia and Grandpa and to take a quick trip to Otterville on Sunday to celebrate Tina's grandmother's 75th birthday.

We left after Corbin's karate lesson and arrived in Brantford just in time for supper. The boys spent the rest of the evening with Babcia while Tina and Adam vegged out. On Sunday we drove out to Otterville - about a 35 minute ride southwest of Brantford and spent the afternoon with the McFarlane clan. There was lots of talking. There was just enough food. The kids played and played and played - with no major issues. Jeremy met lots of new people and made a new friend in Gillian. We headed back to Brantford in the cold, windy weather. Adam took the back roads and we took a quick tour of the downtown. Good to see that the university campus is growing.