Saturday, 27 May 2006

A Trip To The Hospital

Tina, Corbin and Jeremy went to the annual CAS Adoption Picnic today. Adam stayed behind to get some things done around the house. Our friends, Joe and Jen, also attended the picnic with their two boys. Everything was going smoothly until Jeremy decided to defy gravity. Seems that he fell of a climber in the park and landed on his face. He eventually got up, but Tina was deeply worried by Jeremy's crying - he never cried like that before. Joe suggested that Tina take Jeremy to the hospital - which she did.

Corbin stayed with Joe and Jen and Adam met Tina and Jeremy at the hospital. Jeremy had a nice abrasion above his eye and on his cheek, but nothing looked broken. Eventually, a doctor examined Jeremy and concluded that given his alertness - Jeremy was able to jump and walk and was in good spirits - that everything appeared ok and that a CT scan was unwarranted. We were told to monitor Jeremy over the next 24 hours.