Sunday, 7 May 2006

Finally Relocated That Bush

Sunday brought pleasant weather. Adam proceeded to do some work outdoors, including relocating a bush to a flower bed that was missing one bush. He headed out to Rona to buy some topsoil to use in the plant transplanting. It took some time to dig the bush out - the roots were thick. Next was redigging the hole, spreading some bone meal and plopping the bush in the hole. Some of the dugg out dirt and the new topsoil was put back around the bush and voila, the bush was planted. Adam moved on to planting some perennials that were replacing plants that had either died or were pulled out. All that is left with the Rivard flower bed is the installation of edging and soaker hose and topping up with lots of mulch. The next task was to fill in some gaps in other two other flower beds with new perennials. Another productive day.

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