Thursday, 25 May 2006

Corbin The Celebrity

Guess who had their picture on page A2 of the 25 May 2006 edition of the Windsor Star? It wasn't Adam. It wasn't Tina. It wasn't Jeremy. Corbin had a large color picture in the newspaper. Unfortunately, they spelled our last name wrong (we suspect a 'c' was translated into an 'e'), but we are used to that. We found out via a phone call from our friend Pam.

Corbin and Tina went to the store to buy copies and Corbin was totally confused. He wanted to know how the store clerk got his picture in the newspaper. He also informed the clerk that he had misspelled Corbin's last name. Corbin was under the impression that the copy Tina purchased was the only one with the picture. Tina explained that anybody who bought the paper would see Corbin's picture.

At work, Tina and Adam received emails and congratulations on Corbin's achievements at the Special Olympics. It was great day to be a Szymczak (or Szymezak). Even better, it was a great day to be Corbin's mom, dad and brother. Way to go Corb.

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