Saturday, 15 April 2006

Quick Trip to Burlington

IKEA called to let us know that the remainder of entertainment/storage unit was in stock and would be reserved for two weeks. Adam decided that sometime during the Easter weekend that he would drive 3 hours to Burlington, ON and pickup the remaining pieces and drive back to Windsor. That day was today.

He left Windsor at 8:00 am and arrived in Burlington at 10:50 am. Traffic was not a problem on the 401 or 403 - a few cops on motorcycles, but nothing to major. Adam promptly parked the van in the pickup area, went to the express cashiers, paid for the items and then walked over to the furniture pick-up area. The employee said it would be a few minutes, so Adam took the opportunity to head to the washroom. Returning to the pick-up area, Adam saw that the items were being brought out. He pushed them out to the van, loaded them in and parked the van. That took a total of 10 minutes.

Next was a quick tour of the store, and picking up some small storage containers that Tina wanted for the growing supply of Playmobil toys. Adam also looked for some wicker baskets for the entertainment/storage unit, but none were available in the size he was looking for. He paid for the containers and headed back to Windsor making a quick stop at the chip wagon in Brantford to get some freshly fried french fries.