Thursday, 6 April 2006

New Receiver

We are in the process of updating half of our rec room - the half where we sit and watch tv or a movie. The process began with the temporary relocation of the futon to the garage, for eventual sale. That cleared up a tremendous amount of space so that Adam can assemble the entertainment/storage system he bought from IKEA. Adam thought that since he has to disconnect everything, that this might be a good a time to upgrade and purchase a new receiver.

He has been keeping an eye on a couple of Yamaha models at Future Shop/Best Buy. Coincidently, one model, Yamaha HTR-5890S, that Adam was eyeing, was on sale at Future Shop. The sale price was CDN$699.99. He quickly checked a few reviews - all were positive, and based on his own experience with Yamaha receivers, he ordered it online with in-store pickup. At lunch, he drove up to Future Shop, handed over his credit card and carried the large box to the van. When he arrived home, it was like Christmas.

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