Monday, 3 April 2006

IKEA Via Brantford

Jeremy and Adam spent the weekend in Brantford. They left Friday afternoon, arriving in the Telephone City around 4:00 pm. Jeremy promptly wanted to "play downstairs", but Babcia first showered Jeremy with presents and hugs. Some point during the evening, Adam realized that he had not brought shirts with him - they were still hanging in the closet in Windsor. Oh well.

Saturday morning, Adam's mom made him a traditional Polish breakfast which made him happy. After breakfast, Adam drove to Wal-Mart to buy a shirt and ended up buying four short sleeve casual shirts and t-shirts. Next, it was off to IKEA in Burlington. On the off-ramp to IKEA, Adam noticed a vacant parking spot right across from the exit and loading area. Sure enough it was still available when pulled in.

We decided to purchase the BONDE entertainment/storage unit for the basement - it would vastly increase the amount of storage space available in the rec room. So the first task was to get the unit, put in the van and then go browse and shop. Unfortunately, the unit we wanted was only partially available - we got the two shelving units, the tv base unit, two drawers and all the doors. The centre shelving unit and two CD/DVD drawers were on back-order. Adam proceeded with what was available. The majority of the unit was available through the Furniture Pick-up area, which meant a slight delay in packing the van. While packing the van, Adam noticed that one of the shelving units was missing - it came in two boxes - and he returned to the pick-up area.

The employee apologized for the oversight and delivered the second shelving unit. After loading and parking the van (lucking out again with a parking space just outside the exit), Adam joined his mom and Jeremy for a browse and shop tour of IKEA. After buying some more things, it was back to Brantford. Jeremy fell asleep, so Adam drove a little longer and gave his mom a tour of the growing west-end business park.

The remainder of the day was spent playing, resting and eating. Alex treated us to a meal at Montana's - thanks Alex. Surprisingly, Jeremy ate well - it is hit and miss with him sometimes. Jeremy and Adam headed back to Brantford around lunch time. Jeremy fell asleep within minutes of getting on the highway and slept all the way to Windsor. Over two hours of pure pleasure for Adam.