Sunday, 9 April 2006

Disconnecting, Assembling and Reconnecting

Adam's original plan was to assemble the entire entertainment unit in one go. After some deep thought, that plan was nixed. Adam decided to build the TV stand first. The first step was to disconnect all the existing components and put them off to the side. The existing TV stand (also from IKEA) was cleaned and relocated to the office - more on that in another post. A quick vacuum to clean up months of dirt, dust and who-knows-what, and it was time to assemble.

The TV stand came in two boxes. It's amazing that they can fit so much into such a flat box. After checking that everything was in the box - lots of little parts - Adam began assembly. For the most part, it was straightforward. Nothing too difficult - just bulky as the parts came together. After a couple of hours, the unit was assembled and put into place. It looked sharp.
© Inter IKEA Systems B.V.With assembly complete, the next step was to break open the receiver box and connect as many components as possible. After about another 45 minutes or so, the new audio/video system was ready to be turned on. Adam pressed the power button and the Yamaha HTR-5890s came too life. Even with regular audio/video cables (aka RCA plugs) connected, the sound from the DVD player was amazing. One part done. More to come.

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