Friday, 14 April 2006

Brightening Up The Rec Room

A few months ago, we decided that it was time to upgrade the rec room aka 'the basement'. Step one is the replacement of the various pieces of furniture for the TV, stereo and CD/DVDs with a matching entertainment/storage unit. Step two is painting the walls and ceiling.

The room is covered in paneling that is dark and outdated. Adam moved everything to behind the couch and gave the floor a very good vacuuming (it was much needed). Taping those areas that we did not wish painted (we decided to paint the half where we sit and watch TV), Adam began to paint the walls with primer. The primer alone made a huge difference - but it soaked in quick. A second coat of primer was put on making for an excellent surface to paint on. Tina was amazed with the transformation and the boys wanted to help paint (which Adam politely said 'no' too).